Friday, October 9, 2009

Three Rings

There was no record of their births...nor of their deaths. In fact the only reference ever found to their existence at all was in the journal kept by the Matron of the Children's Home, along with the picture...and the rings. Each child wore their ring tightly on their wrist. They never removed them. Somehow everyone knew not to try to remove them.

The three children arrived on the doorstop of the orphanage on a very dark night in late November, 1878. A search was conducted to locate their parents, but it turned up nothing. So the Children's Home took them in as their charges.

The children spoke a strange language that no one understood, but they seemed to understand the English spoken to them, even though they never spoke English themselves. They worked hard and did what they were told. They never played with the other children, but they stood by and always watched with great interest. They were not disliked by anyone, and over the two years that they lived there, many came to feel deep affection for them.

Then on the night of November 29, 1880, they did not come down to dinner. The Matron went up to their room to fetch them but they were not there. Over the next weeks and months, many searches were conducted, but the children were never seen again.

They had arrived with only the clothes on their backs, and the rings on their wrists. The only thing they left behind were the three rings and a great mystery.


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  3. How mysterious and, yet, sad this is! I wonder...