Monday, October 26, 2009

My Question Today For You

I like my idea for Question Of The Day, but I don't like the little box I have for it. So I'm getting rid of that and I'm just going to post my question here right into the blog. :D It's much prettier here, even if I do say so myself.
So--Today's question:
What is your best, most successful technique for forming a new habit? Do you have a computer gadget that helps? Maybe you use pencil and paper? Anything that worked? I am really struggling with some old ruts and need to dig some new, more positive ones. I would love to hear your ideas!!
Please use the comment button and share your thoughts!!


  1. I have to set timed reminders sometimes. For other things, like not leaving my shoes at the front door, I had to force myself to take the extra time (not even a second) to bend over, pick them up and toss them into the closet. After about 3 days I did it without thinking! (Getting out of the tossing habit and cleaning up the shoe closet comes later :D)

  2. I have a white board on which i write things that need to be done. It's behind the door, so when i wake, I see it and when I lay down at night, it's there. I like the white board because it's easy to rearrange things, form ideas using it and such.

  3. Oddly enough my best 'changes' have taken place using the old children's star chart. In my case print one up in Word or other program, and use a cheap sheet of stickers from the store or a small rubber stamp to mark off each of the tasks completed for any given day and/or time per day.

  4. So, my doctor says that in order for something to become a habit, you have to do it regularly for at least a week. So like.. if you want your new habit to be going to the gym every day at noon, you've got to make yourself do it for a week. After that, then your body will adjust to the habit, and it will soon become something you dont even think about.

  5. I write lists. Lots and lots of lists. Both on paper, and in my blackberry. I still don't ever get everything done. But it feels good to physically cross things off.

  6. Oh man, you guys are awesome!!!!
    I'm going to mull these over and try a few out. I have done some of them already, in the past. I love reading all these ideas!! Thank you!!!

  7. Hi,

    Flylady does it for me. My house has never been so good! It is actually clean enough to make jewellery in! And I can see that you are a fan too.

    P. S. I just happened upon your blog via Rena's Jewellery Business blog and I have been having a good read. I shall be a regular from now on!

  8. Hi Suzysoo!! I'm so glad you found my blog!! Thank you for reading!!
    I do love Fly Lady. It's the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. Unfortunately, this past week my back went out and I've fallen way behind again.
    I look forward to your comments here!!