Monday, October 19, 2009

New Habits - Breakfast Anyone?

I've heard that it takes 16 repeats before something becomes a new habit. I've also heard 21. I don't know what number it really is. All I know is it is a difficult process!! I usually have a very long list of "goals" that I would like to accomplish. Trouble is, I get burned out reading the list before I ever start attacking the actual goals.
So this week I decided to put just one single goal in front of my face. Just one. This week I am going to try to eat breakfast each day. I have not eaten breakfast in many many years. I don't like the feel of food in my mouth in the morning. I just want my warm coffee. I don't start eating until afternoon. Then I am up late at night and having my third meal of the day at midnight! This has got to change. So I am beginning with step one and ONLY step one. I have a huge list of new habits I'd love to own but I have to stick to one at a time.
So my question of the day is this:
If you had to pick just one habit to forge, which one would it be?
Please join in a discussion in the Cbox to the right!! This thing is lots of fun!! I can't wait to hear from you!!

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