Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning Not To Fly

I had dreams of flying last night. Well, I was almost flying. I was getting that light in the feet feeling, jumping higher and higher with each step until I was 10 feet in the air, landing softly and jumping again. But I never actually took flight. At first I thought this was a negative dream because I didn't fly, and at least before the fear set in, the flying was incredible!

I have dreamed this dream from time to time throughout my life and before this I have always taken flight on about the third step. I was always terrified when I took flight, feeling completely out of control and would suddenly find myself falling to a startled awakening just before I hit the ground. But this time I just enjoyed the high steps and didn't take off flying. I remained in control!

So I have decided that this is a most positive dream after all. I was reaching greater heights but not being overtaken by it. That is a perfect picture of my life now, as I am venturing into this brand new direction into the wonderful world of art and design!


I finished this piece last night. I know it has a story but it has not told it to me yet. I need to get very quiet and alone so I can hear it. I am very excited about this piece and I can't wait to hear its story! I will be listing it on Etsy later today.

I really wore out my hands and fingers on this one! I hammered all those links with the round end of my hammer to give it that beautiful dented look. My fingers are dented too but they are not so beautiful!


  1. I've never actually had a dream about flying. My flying dreams are like the one you described. I would start running normally, and then each step would become more bouncy, like the ground had turned into a mattress or trampoline, and the more I ran the bouncer my steps got until I was leaping from foot to foot high in the air. Now that I've started running in real life I don't have these dreams quite so often. I wish I did, because they are so much fun!

    I love this piece! Its very very pretty! I've been reading Alice in wonderland and Through the looking glass, and many of your pieces, not just this one, feel like I could reach into the book and pull them out! Keep up the good work! And I can't wait to hear the story that goes with this one! :D

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment!! I don't have these flying dreams as much anymore either. I guess it's more of a youth dream maybe!
    I still don't have a story. My back has been trying to go out today so it's been very distracting! I'm hoping to hear very soon! I appreciate your comment so much!!