Monday, November 26, 2012

The Joy of Etching from AmongTheRuins

I have been away from my blog for quite some time.  But I have been busy learning new techniques, and making lots and lots of jewelry!
My newest love is etching brass and copper.  I started out with a small battery setup and some saltwater.  The results were so cool I had to learn more!  I have graduated now to a proper power supply, and I am also using the chemical technique using ferric chloride.  The bracelets shown here were made using the ferric chloride.
I start with a design that I print out on my laser printer.  Then I transfer the design to the metal using my iron.  Then I place it in the etchant, either saltwater hooked up with electricity, or the ferric chloride.  I do not use electricity with the ferric chloride. Someday I will write a tutorial!
These delicate little bracelets - which are not really delicate, they just look dainty - are available in my shop for just $18 each.