Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Little Horror, A Little Fantasy

Good morning! Yes, it is still morning here for a little while yet! I managed to wake up before 9 this morning which is kind of amazing since I was up until 2 AM last night watching the best "B" horror film I've seen in ages.

It is called "Hatchet". I was in an Etsy chat room last night and one of our fellow chatters mentioned that she produced a horror film. My ears perked up along with my friends' ears since we are pretty into horror flicks. We found the movie on instant watch on Netflix and watched it together in the chat room, with the producer in the room! That was SUCH FUN!!

I highly recommend this movie for horror buffs. It was very funny. It's billed as a "comic gore fest" and that it was! I have not had an adrenaline rush like that movie gave me in many years. This is not one for the weak stomach!


Today I am making a 'Mermaid's Pearls' necklace for my friend. She bought the pink version and now I'm making one for her in green.

I am using 20 gauge annealed steel wire. I wrap it tightly around a very large allen wrench to get the octagonal shape. Since I do not yet have soldering skills, I had to come up with a way to connect the links without having all the ends exposed. When I use heavier gauge wire I can leave the ends of the links exposed and they don't pull apart. But with the lighter gauge, they can pull apart so I came up with this idea of putting a bead over the joint, kind of in place of solder. The effect is quite nice.

Here's the other necklace she bought, along with it's story.

These Mermaid's Pearls were passed down to me from my grandmother, along with this story...

Once in every Mermaid's life, she must leave her home in the sea and go to the land for a time. It is a great test of her strength and character and all must endure it to pass from childhood to become a fully mature Mermaid. She must avoid being seen by humans, for if she is spotted by a human, she will become their slave. If the human is very kind and releases her, then she can return to the sea. But most often she must use her own wiles to free herself. So she will pluck several scales from her body. As soon as she has them in her hand, they turn into magnificent pearls. In this case she was an albino Mermaid and was as white as snow, and when she plucked the scales they turned into lovely pink pearls! She offers the pearls to the human, and it so enthralls and enchants them so much that they don't even see the Mermaid escape back to the sea.


  1. Cool story and great use of things in our surroundings to make beautiful jewelry!!


  2. Love the story about the mermaid's pearls. And the necklaces are so pretty, very clever to use the allen wrench to get the hex shape!

    There's a book for teens called "Hatchet" that my daughter read, but I don't think it's the same story as the movie, lol. This was about a boy who was lost in the wilds with nothing but a hatchet for survival.

    I love netflix too, such a great selection of movies. My hubby and I get some of the really old kung fu movies, they can be really funny. It must have been awesome to watch the movie with the producer in the chat room!!!!!

  3. Oh man, we had SUCH a blast last night! No, this movie is not about surviving..more like NOT surviving!! LOL Netflix is awesome. We practically never watch live TV anymore!!

    Thanks very much for the comments Shelley and Dalkullan!!!

  4. Very clever idea using the beads to cover the joints! I guess the beads stay in place because they are on a hex ring. On a round ring they would need to be glued unless they were really tight on the wire. Very nice!

  5. Hi Cindy!
    Yes, the hexagons make it very easy to hold the beads. I have also made them on circles and since I use stiff steel wire, that has worked as well.
    Thanks for much for commenting!!