Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet My Birdies

This is my little Diamond Dove, M'Lady. She is the original M'Lady, after which my handmade bust is named. She is very sweet and gentle. She has a very quiet "coo" and she lives peaceably with my spice finch, Coriander, and my red-eared waxbill, Rouget. She is a bit awkward about flying and prefers to find a comfy spot and stay there. She's a lot like me that way.

Coriander, the spice finch, is quite the opposite, as you can see in the pictures. She hardly ever sits still!

Rouget is the red-eared waxbill. He's pretty active too. He sings the tiniest warbling song everyday just at dusk.

M'Lady lays tiny eggs from time to time. I take them away from her because if I let her, she will sit on them in the little nest forever, and never move again! They are not fertile of course, but she doesn't know that. So I collect them. They are so tiny!

I love to make art bottles. I collected several eggs from M'Lady and put together this little jar. I put Spanish moss in the bottom, several dove eggs, and several feathers from all my birds. I took a rubber stamp of a bird and painted it with acrylic black paint and printed one bird on each side of the glass. Then I glued a print of music of J. S. Bach onto the lid and around the bottom edge. I finished it off with a bit of jute string tied in a bow and some vintage artificial red berries. Unfortunately, Ike, my goofy Cocker Spaniel, got hold of this bottle and ate the berries off! He left most of the paper in place, though it is a bit gnarled.


  1. Love your birds and your art in a bottle, how wonderful is that!!! You're a very creative person and your writing is captivating!!! xo Deb~

  2. agreed! the birds are lovely to look at and I like the art in a bottle--like a time capsule or something!