Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oooh Treasures From The Ruins!!

Hi one and all! I hope the month of April is bringing nicer weather to some of you at least. We had temps in the 80's last week and now we're back down in the 30's. Very typical northern Illinois in April.
Well, I was very fortunate to be able to go antiquing with hubby a couple of weeks ago. I found some very nice little treasures at one of my favorite antique shops in Wisconsin. I try to get there every few weeks. They always have something tiny and wonderful for me! This visit was especially rewarding. Here's a couple of pictures of what I got.

The pink box is a doll's trunk. I just HAD to have that!! The little gold box with the designs is a slide-open box just the right size for pills in my purse. That large key is a motel key to room 416 - two of my favorite numbers 4 and 16!!

I put the other treasures inside the doll's trunk. There's three antique watchworks, a couple of wonderful skeleton keys, a green glass charm, a gold octagon locket, a very nice bug that is already on a necklace in the shop, a sterling silver chain with beautiful deep purple gem in a heart shape, and last but not least, a sterling silver rhinestone studded moth pin!

I think my best find of all of these is this snapshot. I could say something about it, but I think it doesn't need any help from me. Enjoy!


  1. oooo wonderful finds! I love finding objects that make me feel connected to someone I knew or didn't know at all...