Monday, December 14, 2009

Jewelry Stands!

I have been "puttering" today.  That is, doing a little of this, a little of that.  Along my way I came across a tweet from StygianChains, showing a very lovely set of earrings on a really cool stand.  Their shop is here.  I saw that little stand, and the wheels started turning.  So I made myself one, then another bigger one.  Here they are!

 I need to tweak the design a bit on the larger one.  I'll probably put three feet on it for more stability.   I'm using the smaller one to take pictures for listings.  The larger I will use to keep things out of the "dust bowl" - which is what happens if I leave the little bowl with my finished earrings on my desk for more than a day around here!
Thanks to StygianChains for a great idea and inspiration!!


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Tweeted!

    When I get a few more wire wrapping tools, I am definitely trying this design out for next years craft shows.

  2. awesome Kim! look at you bustin out the coolness!

  3. Oh thanks guys!!!! Wow, I'm so excited about these stands!! I'm glad to see that you all are too! Oh how I love to find comments on my blog!!
    Thank you all!!