Tuesday, December 22, 2009

100 Followers!!! How Should I Celebrate?

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful blog followers!!!  I just hit 100 followers!!!!! WHooooPEEEEEE!!!  I'm trying to think of some way to say "thanks" to you all.  I could offer you a special discount in my shop, which I'm  happy to do, but I don't only write this blog to get you all to buy my stuff.  If you do want to buy something, send me a convo and I'll give you 20% off through the end of January.

So what else could I do?  A drawing?  Contest?  Features?  I'd love to know what you all would like to see here.  Please comment and leave suggestions!

And THANK YOU to all of you for following me!!!  You've made my adventure into the blogosphere so wonderful!!


  1. Congrats on the 100 followers :)

    I'm not sure what to suggest, my mind is going into vacation mode lol.

  2. Mine too - vacation mode here I come!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!