Thursday, September 10, 2009

Out of the Wings of Bats.....

Today I set out to make a bat skeleton out of wire. Well, I've been at this all day now and still have no bat to show for all my efforts. However, I did manage to produce something rather halloweeny anyway!
Here's what happened:

I started out by getting a picture of a bat skeleton off the internet. Wow, this is a good one!

Then I drew the skeleton on my graph paper. Hmm...Well, close enough!

Then I made some first attempts at making the wings out of wire. I was fairly happy with these, and each one I did got better than the last.

I still couldn't figure out how to do the entire skeleton. Next I attempted to make the pair of wings out of one piece of wire. That came out great. Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture of it at that point! But that's ok because it is in the finished product, which turns out is not a bat at all, but a lovely steampunk spider!! Now all I have to do is make a chain for it!


  1. Great spider...Halloween or not!

  2. I really like this article.
    The spider is great, but I really like how you show where the inspiration came from. That's something I really need to do more of :)

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