Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Morning!

A good Tuesday morning to you all!! Well I got great news yesterday. My dear sister, who has been out of work since January, is once again gainfully employed!! Thank God! She will be working so much closer to home than she was in her previous job. It is just turning out to be a huge blessing all the way around!

We had our first orchestra rehearsal of the season last night. I play violin, in case you didn't know. It was a very good rehearsal and it was so good to see everyone again! We are starting off the season playing one of the "biggest" pieces there is for orchestra - Beethoven's 5th Symphony. I have played it once before in the Civic Orchestra in Chicago when I was young, but that was about 100 years ago. Ok, more like 30 years ago. Yeah, that sounds so much better!

Well it is a wonderful piece to play! If you have never heard it, I highly recommend you go find it on YouTube and give it a listen. Better yet, I'll find it for you!

If you have heard it before I know you will want to hear it again! It truly is one of the most uplifting pieces of music ever written. I will be cranking up the stereo and practicing along with this recording!
You might notice something interesting in the film. There are no women! This recording was made in 1966 and at that time there were very few women in the world of professional music. How times have changed!! In this case for the better!

My dear daughter is a professional dog groomer. She did a wonderful job on my Cocker Spaniel Ike. This is him in his "Suburban" cut. Isn't he handsome? And the best part is that his "skirt" is shorter now so there will be much less leaves and burrs coming into the house this fall!!

Today I will be mowing the lawn, and steam-ceaning the carpet. I hope to get done with those and still have enough energy to work on a chain for my steampunk spider!
Is it possible to be addicted to wire? I think I am.
Have a great day!!

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