Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Beautiful Place!

I have a shop over at 1000markets and I am very fortunate to be a part of a beautiful market called Victorian Crossroads. Here is our description on our front page:

"Victorian & Edwardian Era - Cottage Style & Steampunk - Times of Etiquette, Glamor, and Romance

Victorian Crossroads is a market to incorporate the arts and crafts of the time period from 1832 to 1918; called Victorian and Edwardian including Cottage Style and Limited Steampunk.

The Victorian period was an age of opulence for the rich, a prim and proper way of life, the emergence of the strong middle class, industrial revolution, the Gilded Age in United States, Belle Epoque in Europe, lush gardens, a year of mourning the dead, where high morality reigned, mixing of cultures in art and home decor, a time of peace, where architecture varied from single story cottage to a three story mansion, and where scientific advancements ruled.

Our shopkeepers bring the best of the Victorian/Edwardian Era to you.

Travel through Victorian Crossroads is a step into a Time Machine which takes you to a span of history beyond compare. Enjoy the journey!"

I invite you to come and see this market and the very beautiful products here!

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