Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mystery Guest!

This morning I noticed something, or should I say someONE sitting atop the front door in my house. At first I thought it was a mouse.  But it was a little bigger than a mouse....Is it a baby rat?  I doesn't really look like a rat either.  What is this?!?

I got my cat Wolfie, while I still thought it was a mouse, and showed her the animal.  When the little guy caught site of Wolfie, he leaped like a kangaroo, 6 feet across the living room and disappeared!!!  Wolfie looked for him for awhile and then gave up.  Oh dear me!!


  1. Since you are in illinois and kanagaroo rats doen't live there, what you had looks like a flying squirrel.

  2. could it be a neighbors pet? it's clean and calico, not many wild animals look like that...they're usually mousy grey/brown..

    does it look like them?

    peromyscus? deer mouse? cute lil' fella.

  4. Hey susarto I think you may have found it!! It looks the most like the deer mouse! I haven't seen him again - he must still be in the house. *sigh*

  5. Cousin Brad?? Is that you?? Wow! How are you? I think this is probably a deer mouse!
    Wow, how cool to see you here!!