Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mumble Mumble Mumble...

Sometimes I think I should just start another blog called Mumble Mumble Mumble. Heehee. But happily, those days are too few to actually keep a blog to themselves.

So last night I decided to be a good mommie and let the dogs out one more time before I went to bed. That was around 1 a.m. When they came back in, I smelled something very familiar. Something very terrible. It is a mystery substance that Ike the Cocker Spaniel has been getting into for years. Last night was Alfie's first time. They went out together and I'm quite sure that Ike delighted in sharing his special treat with Alfie. They roll in it - whatever it is. And then I have to bathe them because the stench is unbearable! So there I was, all ready for bed, giving BOTH dogs a bath.
You think maybe that's why I woke up with this killer headache today? It is getting better as time goes by and the drugs take effect.

Today is music day. I get to go to my wonderful play date with my girlfriends. That is always a high point in my week. I am so blessed to have found these women. We not only play string quartets, we learn new music and improve our playing...we gossip and laugh and listen to each other, and sometimes we argue and sometimes we cry. We are real friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life!

I usually like to include pictures in my entries. I'm a very picture oriented reader - I love to see what I am reading about. But today I am just too lazy to get up and take any pics that would fit this entry! Plus that headache thing goin on...
I wish you all a terrific day today!!! And thanks for reading!!!


  1. oh that mystery stench! I hope you have a splendid music day and that the headache goes away! I always get a giggle and maybe some education when I read your blog...

  2. The mystery stench, around our house, is usually something dead...bird, piney, whatever!

    I just recently got my dulcimer out of storage and went back to our music group. It helps the soul heal.

    Rub your temples, taking some aspirin and enjoy your friends!


  3. Yes, we think it's probably possum. Ick.

    Thank you both for the well wishes!! The headache finally ceased late last night. I think it was the chocolate that I consumed the night before that caused the headache! My mom used to get terrible headaches from chocolate until she got thrown from her horse one day, and landed on her head. From that day on she never had those headaches again! I don't think I'll try her cure though. I will just avoid the chocolate!! I'm not that nuts for chocolate!! :D

  4. Oh...please don't try your mother's cure...just skip the chocolate. Unlike you, I love it!