Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Earrings!

Here are a few of my new earrings, just listed in my shop. I'm having such fun with my wire and a little hardware!


  1. Pretty earrings. Your story about losing your hearing was quite interesting. I felt a similar feeling a few days ago. My eyes were scratchy, especially the right one. I could hardly keep it open. I was so afraid what if I lose my vision?

    It was scary and I remember how hard I prayed - please don't take away my ability to see , see clearly different colors...

    I am fine now. Take care. Dita

  2. hi Dita!
    Thanks fro reading my blog! Wow, I'm glad you are better now!! It's not a good feeling at all!
    Thanks for admiring my earrings too. :)

  3. Wonderful earrings! I like them all, but, for some reason, your top photo interested me the most--very striking earrings.

  4. You are one talented lady. Love your earrings. I make earrings, too, but they are all made with delica beads. Love these! Wonderful site, and enjoyed looking around ;-)

  5. Hi Nancy! Thank you!! I haven't written anything new on my poor neglected blog in so long. I'm surprised you found me here! Thank you so much for your compliments! And thank you for reading!
    Kim :)