Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Snow Anyone?

I love cold weather. I love snow. I love wind. It's a good thing because we just got a good hit of all three!
You know how when the weather people predict "huge winter storm coming" and most people hope they are exaggerating? Well, I'm one of those people that hope they aren't exaggerating! I wasn't disappointed this time!
Here's my yardstick in the snow. There are drifts that are much deeper, but this is the general depth of 2 feet of snow that we got!

This is the view out one of my windows during the blizzard. There is a piece of siding that blew off the upstairs, laying to the right side there. The winds were gusting over 50 mph.

Here you can still see traces of the lounge chair on the deck.

No more lounge chair!!

This was taken on Wednesday morning, while the snow was still coming down at a rate of 2 inches per hour. We live near enough to Lake Michigan to get the 'lake effect' snow.

That poor old rocker is all filled up now. In fact, it's buried!

There's Alfie, stuck on the deck, with nowhere to run.

The cars getting buried.

The cars getting unburied.


  1. Yikes! Yeah, we got two feet of snow in WI too. We also have the yard stick picture. :)

  2. Awesome!! We are only 10 minutes from the Wisconsin line here in Lake County IL. Now we get the deep freeze!

  3. that's just incredible!
    ~sorry,though, it's 65 and sunny in California:D~

  4. It's ok mermaiden - I really do love the cold!

  5. Snow: one of the spices of our lives! Great pics - be careful out there! ~ Karen

  6. Really impressive amount of snow! I would be delighted with the snow too doesn't get that snowy around here.

  7. I've been jealous for many years now, so it's nice to finally get 'the big one' here!!

  8. Looked like my backyard a few days ago! We are here in Shelby Township Michigan waiting for 40 degree weather. Snow is finally melting under 30 degree weather and I am anxious to see green grass and sprouting tulips! We are West of Lake St. Clair and 4 hours East of Lake Michigan. About 30 miles North of Detroit. Take Care and looking forward to seeing some more of your work!