Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Purses From Among The Ruins

For many months now I have wanted to make purses. I finally found the time and the space to do it! Here are my first two attempts.
I have no patterns. I am just putting them together by trial and error - lots of error! Thank goodness for my trusty seam ripper!
My aim with the style of the brown purse is for a sort of "Steampunk Lite". By that I mean I want to make a style that has definite steampunk elements, but is not so over the top, so that a woman like me will feel comfortable wearing it. I am a middle aged woman and I love the steampunk style, but I would look silly in some of the fashion items out there. I'm aiming for a little more toned down version for people like me to wear.

This little green purse is not steampunk style. It's just kind of Victorian. I need to make a drawstring for it. My green ribbon is not dark enough or thick enough. So this one is not finished yet.

I'd love to hear what you think!! Please feel free to comment!


  1. I think that both purses look lovely and rich because of their velvetty texture. They both look nice and comfy and have just enough embellishment. Good job! Strangely, i've been working on some crochetted bags and adding old vintage fabrics which is fun too.

  2. Oh that's really cool that you have been using vintage fabrics too! It certainly is like the "comfort food" of design!!

  3. they look really great! I love the first one, very good job!
    And I've made purses without a pattern before, it can be a pain but fun too! I love when I make my own purse and get a ton of compliments on it :)

    Can't wait to see more purses from you!

  4. I know what you mean Kendra about wearing your own. I love when people ask, "where did you get that?".
    I'm not selling these - they are practice purses - learning curve purses! I hope to get the techniques down and make some for sale!
    Thanks for commenting!!