Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Northern Pike

Northern Pike
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Isn't he beautiful? My brother caught him at his place in the northern woods of Michigan. It is a Northern Pike. He is 38" long and at least 10 pounds! It was quite the struggle to get him into the boat. My brother said he was "too noble to kill" so he threw him back.


  1. Wow your brother must a real man!
    Of course he's in Michigan, not wisconsin but that's just a detail.

    Your Brother the real man :)

  2. Purpletoes??? Oh yea, you do have purple toes. haha!
    Well I thought it was Michigan, then I thought it was Wisconsin, then I thought Michigan, then I decided I'll just put Wisconsin and when you read this you'll tell me! I was right!
    And yes, you DA MAN!!